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Once upon a tale

Fauxtale is a woman’s wear line that couples expressive couture pieces with the wisdom only offered by the natural world. each piece is hand made with the same approach, care and intuition as an oil painting.

The crowning intention of Fauxtale is to outwardly express our inner connectivity to our roots to our earth and our animal kingdom.

Fauxtale is animal sensitive and sustainable, which means, we honor the land and it’s creatures by using only the best quality faux and recycled products.

Fauxtale tells the folklore of this planets natural muses, inspiring it’s hosts to adorn themselves and weave their own tale, was was founded in Los Angeles in 2010 by Toree Arntz.

Arntz was raised in Santa Barbara, ca. She started her craft as a fine artist, studying fine art and illustration at art center, college of design. Out of college, she exhibited her work at local galleries and art walks. Soon thereafter, what started as gallery installations took many different forms.

Arntz has been rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned animals since she was a child. In 2008, along side her education, she started working with exotic animals, and from them collected interesting materials that the they would molt or shed, like feathers, porcupine quills, teeth and hair. The animals became her inspiration, and the materials became the centerpieces in all of her work. she incorporated these things into her installations, and these installations evolved into wearable works such as clothing, headdresses, costumes and jewelry.

Toree Arntz proudly supports the efforts of the Wildlife Waystation, a non-profit refuge that rescues, rehabilitates and provides sanctuary for exotic and local wildlife. please join her in supporting this very special cause.

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