EARLY MORNING REBEL by Francesca Marotta

I had my show at LFW on February 17th, which was exciting, overwhelming and very exhausting.

A few days after, as I also work as a stylist and art director, I went to see fellow designer Bernard Chandran’s show as I am a fan of his brand.There I was sitting opposite some friends who were chatting with 3 guys whom I had never seen before at LFW. Obviously when you are sitting front row you look at the other front rows and you know the usual suspects!

You know when something is meant to happen; well it did. The guys introduced themselves to me and we hit it off instantly. They had come to my show which they appreciated and coming from guys who aren’t in the fashion industry as such; their compliments made my day.

We kept bumping into each other at shows and decided we would love to do a fashion/music or vice versa collaboration. I had been online on their site and fell in love with their sounds and lyrics. And felt really blessed to have met them considering I had been invited to every single party they played at during LFW but never made it as I was elsewhere.</>

/Surely you have been asked this a thousands of times : Where does the name of the band comes from?

Our name comes from a game we all used to play by texting each other the most ridiculous band names we could think of or come across throughout the day. We have a list of literally hundreds of names, some serious and some of course outrageous. When we came across Early Morning Rebel it just resonated with us, we connected with it on several levels of how we think and want to represent ourselves.

//Nathan and Dustin, you have met during High School in LA…and in a way have musically grown together. How is it to work with your best friend? What are the pros and cons?

Working with each other has been an amazing experience of growth and overcoming challenges that have brought us closer together both musically and as friends. Obviously you have the high’s and low’s of any friendship but there are very few cons of working with someone you respect and trust, it should be the model for all bands where everybody in your band becomes and stays your best friend.

///I have done a research on you and it has been difficult. You are keeping the mystery alive! But I did managed to dig some stuff… One being that you Nathan composed the score of Juvies, a great documentary I watched on YouTube. And that both of you have worked on the sounds department on major TV series, etc… Do these type of projects help keep the band going and keep you in the industry or do you see them as two totally different things to do?

Both actually, we love creating and celebrating art whether it’s scoring a movie, attending fashion shows, or even directing music videos and documentaries which Dustin Bath does. It obviously helps Early Morning Rebel in getting additional exposure but these are things we would be doing even if it wasn’t benefiting the band because we love to do them.



////What influences the sounds of the band?

Nathan first started out in his early music career listening, learning and playing the Beatles, which has an obvious influence on his writing style. But the band in general is very eclectic, enjoying all different types of music. Everything from mo-town to Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon to Roy Orbison but ultimately we try to keep our sound as authentic to what comes naturally out as apposed to manufacturing a sound to fit a mold.

//////Fashion & Music go hand in hand. How important was it for you to be seen during London Fashion Week? Is it a great platform for musicians to be seen outside of their own industry events?

We were honored to be at London Fashion week and the reception was overwhelming, but going to London Fashion Week for us wasn’t about being seen but rather enjoying an art form that we intensely enjoy. We personally don’t see two different distinct industries, we see people creating art using the same processes and inspirations but using different mediums as the raw materials. Whether it be using fabric, an instrument or film they all have the same goal but just use different materials.

//////It seems from what I read in other blogs, etc that you created a buzz around EMR while in London. Everyone was talking about you and in great positive ways. Are you surprised by it?

We are so appreciative of the amazing response everyone has given us and can’t wait to go back to the next London Fashion Week!

///////Talking about creating a buzz… How important as social media been in the life of your band? How does it work for you?

Social media is fantastic new tool for all bands. We now all have a platform to distribute our music and upcoming information for free, and not only that, if people like it they can share it. It has definitely became part of the “machine” and will have an integral part in the future of music as well as fashion.

////////The track everyone is also talking about is Lifeboat that was part of Grey’s Anatomy. I have to admit I totally love it cause can absolutely relate to it. Do you love it or loathe it? Are you scared this could be the track people will only remember you for?

I definitely have a connection with Lifeboat and probably share a love-hate relationship with it. Lifeboat is an extremely honest song about a specific horrible situation. However, the beautiful ironic part is how a song can turn something that was so ugly and painful into something beautiful and good, healing others that can relate to it.

/X What are you working on right now?

We are working on a full length record to be released in the Fall right now, picking and choosing from a catalogue of already finished songs that will make the final cut to the record.

X Can the UK expect to see you soon on it shores?

Absolutely, we can’t wait to get back. We have a west coast turn of US in June and we plan on returning in the Fall to the UK for a tour.

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